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The Riverside Theatre is proud of our 47-year tradition of rich arts programming. Dance has always been an integral part of the creative offerings of The Theatre. From 1964 to1984, the world-renowned Riverside Dance Festival had a profound impact on the direction and development of modern dance in New York City. As a major presenter of dance, The Riverside Theatre played host to countless emerging dancers and dance companies, such as Bill T. Jones, Chuck Davis, Elisa Monte, Mary Anthony, Joyce Trisler, Erik Hawkins and Sachiyo Ito, who went on to become innovators in the modern dance world. More...

NuDance 2011

About Nu Work:
Dec 9 & 10 at 7pm
Each performance evening begins with Choreographers in Creation dialogue.

xodus dance collective
Wishing Well World Premiere
Choreography: Karen Gayle
Strangers arrive at a Wishing Well, with hopes of fulfilling their secret fantasies.

Neville Dance Theatre
Terra Nova (excerpt): Shift
Choreography: Brenda Neville
The forces of mother earth come to life through this exploration the ecological phenomena of tectonic plate shifts
Photo Credit: Leah Brizard
Opus Dance Theatre Company            
Concerto Del Plata   (A Work in Progress)
Choreography: Pedro Ruiz        
Photo credit: Joseph "Nana' Sargent
The work reflects a fusion of Spanish, Latin and Afro-Cuban dance styles, depicting a physical expression of emotions. This work expresses a moment in time—offering up through music and dance a spirit of expectant hope and joy.

Maverick Dance Theatre
If You Knew Me…You Would (excerpt)
Choreography: Toni Renee Johnson
Journey through a dynamic movement discourse and dance theater experience that unearths binding and affecting philosophical perspectives on relationships, solidarity, radicalism and institutionalization.

Dance Iquail
Equality for Us 2 World Premiere
Choreography: Iquail Shaheed 
A powerful duet that celebrates the recent success of the New York GLBT Community fight for marriage equality while showcases the dynamic ebb and flow inherent in these and all relationships.

Motivating Excellence
Instinct: The Animal Within
Choreography: Rhapsody James
Journey to a world where the role of prey and predator are clearly defined.  Explore with the dancers of Motivating Excellence as they redefine the word “beast” in today’s industry.  Survival in this jungle is all about INSTINCT. The animal within..